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About Canada

Canada is a vast country covering an area of ​​over 9 million km2 and a population of over 34 million people. Canada is a great country of America and the Western Hemisphere ranked the second largest country in the world. The opportunities it offers are numerous for anyone who wants to build a bright future. As a result, every year, Canada can accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants from different immigration categories established by the Department of Canadian immigration.

Canada has two official languages, namely French and English.

Adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees:

  • rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • democratic rights;
  • legal rights;
  • equality rights;
  • rights of appeal, etc.

According to the Gender-related Development Index (GDI), Canada is the fourth in the world for its quality of life according to the following:

  • life expectancy at birth;
  • the rate of adult literacy;
  • enrollment;
  • and estimated earned income.

Also, the province of Quebec, French-speaking majority, is the only Canadian province with own immigration laws in order to select immigrants, through the categories under its jurisdiction, which will settle on its territory. Quebec and Canada signed an agreement to that effect, and the different categories are sometimes controlled by the federal government while other categories are controlled by the provincial which leads to some complexity to successfully complete the immigration process, not to mention the Act and Regulations immigration for which changes are added each year and for the Canadian immigration policies. So why not do business with a professional in the field of immigration? You have everything to gain!

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